Senior Outreach & Support Services

JFCS_0881In 2013 the Naples Senior Center at JFCS Board of Directors unanimously approved the agency’s second strategic plan in which they stated “…..serving seniors is our first priority.” Starting with a part-time case manager in the spring of 2011, the Senior Outreach and Support program has expanded to include a variety of supportive services to frail seniors who are unable to come into the office. Naples Senior Center at JFCS defines frail seniors as individuals 60 years of age and older who struggle with physical and/or cognitive limitations.

The Senior Outreach and Support Program is a multi-faceted program that addresses the social isolation of frail seniors in Southwest Florida. The program’s structure is a combination professional case management services supplemented by volunteer services enabling Naples Senior Center at JFCS to comprehensively address the needs of isolated seniors.

JFCS_0413Naples Senior Center at JFCS understands that most homebound seniors in need of long-term care services prefer to get help in their home. The agency hired a full-time nurse who serves as case manager providing assessments to determine a senior’s individual needs and to coordinate and manage in-home services. The case manager assures full coordination and linkage of services. The case manager also assists with applications for food stamps and other needed services available in the community.  With the client’s consent, the case manager will involve family and caregivers in the client’s plan of care.  The case manager also serves to assist families and caregivers resolve the emotional, financial and physical demands of caring for their elder loved ones.

JFCS_3928Working with the case manager, Naples Senior Center at JFCS has a part-time manager of volunteer services who implements and coordinates a structured volunteer program for serving the frail senior population that are participants in the Naples Senior Center at JFCS case management program and are being seen regularly by a geriatric case manager.
Using a corps of volunteers who are engaged, screened and trained to work with the frail senior population, Naples Senior Center at JFCS volunteers help to address the problem of senior isolation and loneliness. Naples Senior Center at JFCS volunteer services provide a variety of activities that include:

  1. Friendly visiting to the frail homebound senior.
  2. Volunteer drivers to take seniors to life sustaining appointments, such as medical appointments, and quality of life appointments such as visiting a loved one in the hospital.

The population served are frail seniors 60 years and older living in Collier County.  The program is open to all socio-economic groups although 70 percent of the participants are lower income at or below the poverty line.


When a 91 year woman was being evicted, she called Naples Senior Center at JFCS. We were able to respond as we do each day helping to improve the lives of at-risk seniors.

The Senior Outreach and Support program now provides a wide range of services addressing the isolation of the frail elderly. Among those services are:

  • Information and Referral
  • Friendly Visiting
  • Volunteer Driving
  • Telephone Reassurance
  • Geriatric Case Management Services
    • Comprehensive geriatric assessment, care plan development, implementation and monitoring
    • In-home assistance o Caregiver support
    • “Welfare” checks
    • Placement assistance
    • Transportation
    • Assistance with Medicare/Medicaid
    • Socialization opportunities, such as the Naples Senior Center at JFCS congregate senior meal program
    • In-home mental health counseling

For more information, please contact Naples Senior Center at JFCS at 239-325-4444 or email