Geriatric Case Management

JFCS_0881One-third of all seniors in Naples live alone. Loneliness was cited by 72 percent of Baker Senior Center Naples members as the reason they joined. Baker Senior Center Naples established the Geriatric Case Management and Support program to combat loneliness and isolation among area seniors. A litany of professional and volunteer services give seniors the socialization and support they need to thrive.

Baker Senior Center Naples understands most home bound seniors in need of long-term care prefer to get help in their own homes. Professional case managers assess each senior’s individual needs to establish a comprehensive care plan with implementation, monitoring, and other available services as needed. 




The Geriatric Case Management program offers a wide range of services addressing senior isolation and loneliness:

  • Geriatric case management services
    • Comprehensive geriatric assessment, care plan development, implementation and monitoring
    • Caregiver support
    • Welfare checks
    • Placement assistance
    • Assistance with Medicare/Medicaid
  • Volunteer services
    • Information and referral
    • Regular telephone calls
    • Music & Memory program
    • Socialization opportunities

For more information, please contact Baker Senior Center Naples at 239-325-4444 or email